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Wayland Transparency Endorsements

Our endorsements focus on transparency. We favor candidates who have demonstrated a track record or willingness and interest in promoting transparency in Wayland's town policies and town finance.

Click Here for a PDF of just the names that you can print out and take with you to the polls.
This is a short list of who we support. Read below for the reasons why.

Board of Selectmen

Doug Leard was on the BoS from 2003-2009 and did not seek a third term due to his need to care for his ailing parents. He is now seeking re-election and sees room for improvement in terms of transparency and respectful communication with the public. He has demonstrated integrity and strength of character during his previous time in office. He also has conviction and will step up and take a stand on issues, even if such a stand is unpopular with the "status quo" agenda.

Ed Collins is an attorney and was also a college professor. He is cognizant of the laws that dictate the conduct of public officials. He understands that significant benefits are often derived from a genuine respect for a diversity of views.

Of the two opponents in this race, the incumbent was caught on tape breaking the Open Meeting Law and the other was quoted in the Crier as saying, "I believe that Wayland is a great town, with great people, great schools, great natural resources, and great services … and I want to keep it this way." We don't. We want more transparency, inclusiveness and less vitriol from our boards. His general statement does not even acknowledge the troubling results of the Abrahams Reports or any of a number of issues that exist in the town.

Recreation Commission

Thruston (Brud) Wright lll & Stas Gayshan

Brud Wright and Stas Gayshan have been on the Recreation Commision for 6 years and truly understand the complex issues facing Wayland. They are both independent thinkers who have gone against the grain on more than one occasion and are willing to stand up for their convictions.

School Committee

Ellen Grieco

More than once over Ellen's first year on the SC, she has reminded Chair Barb Fletcher of the Constitution of the United States, specifically the First Amenedment. When Ms. Fletcher tried to push through a vote from the Committee that would require any member of the public with a question for the SC to go through her, the Chair, and again when fellow member Shawn Kinney wrote articles for the Town Crier about which Ms. Fletcher felt the need to make a lot of noise, Ellen Grieco needed to remind Ms. Fletcher of the rights of Free Speech granted to all Americans. In addition, other than Shawn Kinney, Ellen has been the only voice on the committee that seems to be appropriately concerned about the illegal bank accounts, revolving funds and sloppy bookeeping within the school department. Even though unopposed in this race, a vote for Ellen Grieco helps to send the message that the voters of Wayland demand accountability and fiscal responsibility, as well as great schools.

Housing Authority

Jacqueline C. Ducharme

"The Wayland Housing Authority should always function with transparency, thoughtful listening, open dialogue and respect. There needs to be creative thinking and fresh perspectives to achieve affordable housing goals, without compromising the town's commitment to a semi-rural community." As a result of her work with Dudley Woods, Jackie has learned the hard way how divisive and contentious it can be when residents and town boards need to work together to find solutions. She has a strong desire to maintain a process that is more transparent and more inclusive than demonstrated in recent years.

Click Here for a PDF that you can print out and take with you to the polls.
This is a short list of who we support.

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