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2012 Annual Town Meeting resumes Monday, April 23
at the Middle School Gym beginning with Article 27.

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And They Said It Couldn't Be Done

Prior to last week's TM, there were emails flying around claiming that "They're going after the school budget" and "Taxes cannot be cut without reducing services." Both statements were false. No one intended to go after the school budget, and none of the cuts in FinCom's revised budget affected a single service. But the fear mongering among parents continues, as newcomers to town are told that the supporters of Article 28 are "anti-school." Nothing could be further from the truth. Article 28 is intended to ensure that the money we spend on our schools benefits the children. After years of mismanagement and misappropriation of funds (verified by the Abrahams Reports), in accounts that were off of the general ledger, Article 28 is for the purpsose of going back and auditing these illegal accounts to undertstand what went wrong and ensure that this never happens again. It is critical that we understand what happened in order for us to move forward.

The people who put these articles together are parents with kids in school. They have spent countless hours uncovering ways to create effiencies and save money. They have actually got FinCom to change their position on serveral things in the last couple of weeks. Please ignore the fear-mongering. Ignore those breathing down your neck to get you to vote a certain way and think for yourself. Listen to the arguments. You will be quite surprised.

Also, consider the source. Those who are accusing the petitioners of being anti-school were on the side of closing our elementary school 4 years ago, which has led to overcrowding at CH and HH schools.
You can't get more anti-school than to support closing one!

A few of the Articles from the Warrant appear below.

Wayland Transparency hat This page is not intended to replce the detailed information to be found in the Town Warrant, but to serve as a supplement to it that will highlight the articles concerning transparency.

Some of these accounts were illegal, and some have been found to have had questionable expenses, i.e. liquor stores, country clubs, etc. We would like to know more. It is likely that millions of dollars have flowed through these accounts over a period of years. Going back 5 years should give a good sense for how these accounts were used and what steps we can take to prevent this in the future.
WaylandTransparency recommends approval.

Up until now, our use of Electronic Voting has still been on a trial basis. This article will make it a part of our Annual Town Meeting for the next 3 years.Tired of getting the hairy eyeball from your friends and neighbors? Electronic voting provides not only speed and accuracy, but also PRIVACY!
Wayland Transparency recommends approval.