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Letter from GATEHOUSE MEDIA Attorney to Wayland Public Schools
WVN Newsletter on the matter
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We will be updating the site over the next couple of months with new details. There's been at least one MORE Open Meeting Law violation by the School Committee, and other things that will raise your blood pressure. In the meantime, take a look at this from WVN to get started.

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Irony of The Week:
The School Committee going into Executive Session, i.e. the public is not invited, to discuss how to handle the recommended $1000 fine imposed on them by the AG's office for breaking the Open Meeting Law.

The Attorney General’s office has found Wayland to be in violation of the Open Meeting Law twice as many times as all of our peer towns combined:

This is a combined list of the 2 sets of Peer Towns from Wayland's FinCom and School Committee.
Town Determinations Violations Found Fine Imposed
Acton 2 0 0
Belmont 0 0 0
Boxborough 0 0 0
Carlisle 0 0 0
Cohasset 4 1 0
Concord 2 0 0
Dover 0 0 0
Lexington 2 2 0
Lincoln 0 0 0
Lynnfield 1 0 0
Manchester-By-The-Sea 3 0 0
Marshfield 0 0 0
Medfield 0 0 0
Milton 2 2 0
Needham 0 0 0
Scituate 2 1 0
Sharon 0 0 0
Sherborn 1 0 0
Sudbury 1 0 0
Wayland 16 12 2
Weston 0 0 0
The AG's office has imposed a fine for intentional violations on only 5 occasions, 2 of those against Wayland. The only other municipalities in the Commonwealth of MA that have been fined were Otis, Hamilton and Blandford, each with only one violation filed against them.

These numbers refelect the number of OML determinations since 2010,
according to the Attorney General's website.

Quote of The Week:
"There’s people on the School Committee and elsewhere in town trying to sneak around to find something. They’re evil-minded with a personal agenda, and they’re out to make people look bad."

Chris Hinckley, terminated Wayland Public Schools Accountant/Analyst – Wayland WickedLocal, June 26, 2014

ANOTHER finding by the Attorney General's office that Wayland has broken the Open Meeting Law

This is NOT the same instance you saw here last month, where the recommended fine was $1000.
This is a brand new incident dated 6/16/2014. Click Here for details.

The official School Committee update on the missing METCO statements:

"The School Committee has taken appropriate action relative to the Metco Program Discretionary Account matter but, upon advice of Town Counsel, is not at liberty to say anything further."

Is this a satisfactory explanation?

For a brief overview of the issues concerning the
missing METCO statements, Click Here.