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PLEASE NOTE: This is the Reconfiguration Archive area of the site.
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Reconfiguration Archive

This is the orignal Wayland Transparency™ site, where much of the school reconfigration information has been archived. While much of this information may seem dated now, sadly some of the same issues that occurred back then - lack of transparency, mysterious budget choices, decisions which seem to lack logic or forethought - are still present today.

A lot has happened since the reconfiguration and you can find that information at the main part of the WaylandTransparency site. All of the links above except for Home, are specfic to the reconfiguration of 2008. To find more recent information about the schools, School Committee or Administration, click Home to return to the main site.


The purpose of this site is to present in a truthful and honest way the events leading up to the closure of Loker School. We believe this process was handled in an extremely inept fashion, that the process itself was detrimental to the community, that answers to pertinent questions have been and continue to be difficult to find and understand, and that there is dubious reason to believe that this school closure was even necessary.

Our goal is to educate the public. During the months leading up to the closure, many parents from Happy Hollow & Claypit Hill schools remained unaware of exactly what was going on with Loker, as, particularly in the case of Claypit Hill, this issue did not affect them. Yet. However, with the decision made, the ill-prepared bus routes in place, and the chaos that comes with them, many more people have become aware of what has happened and are now feeling the pain. People who were formerly in the dark have begun asking questions. Our goal is to provide them with a source to learn about what has happened and why. As time goes on and history becomes clouded, distorted, and even deliberately spun into a new reality, we strive to maintain an accurate record of what happened when, in order to afford the opportunity to go back and review things as they were, as they occurred.

Enhance Transparency
The School Committee and Administration pride themselves in having transparency in the system, yet a lot of public information, while technically "available" is hidden from view and/or hard to find or access. Our goal is to ferret out such information and post it for all to see and understand.

"Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened."
~ Winston Churchill