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Latest News:

7.6.16 ~ Judge slams Wayland officials for skirting Open Meeting Law

5.4.16 ~ SC Supports Admin

4.11.16 ~ ATM Tonight 7:30pm beginning with Article 22
Print out Glossary of Terms HERE.
3.17.16 ~ Cass case DISMISSED by District Court ~ MWDN Article
1.27.15 ~ NEU Study
12.25.15 ~ Disappointed in Cass hearing
12.17.15 ~ Court date for former AD
11.13.15 ~ MacGate Update
11.9.15 ~ Special Town Meeting Monday Download the WT Glossary of Terms for Town Meeting HERE
11.2.15 ~ SC meeting TONIGHT
10.26.15 ~ Theft or Retaliation?
10.6.15 ~ SC METCO Minutes released
9.30.15 ~ IG Report on METCO Director matter
9.8.15 ~ Family sues over son's sexual abuse
9.2.15 ~
More Secrets
8.28.15 ~ SC Meeting Friday morning 8am
8.23.15 ~ OML page

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The Town Side

Since its inception, WaylandTransparency has been focused on the school side of Wayland's government. However, we've been receiving an increasing number of requests to provide information and documents that are related to the lack of transparency in the town as a whole. While our main efforts for the time being will continue to be on the schools, we have, as a courtesy begun to create some pages for those interested in the town side.

These two links represent the humble beginnings of our Townside pages:

Wayland Town Sign

Finances ~ Wastewater

4.14.2011 ~ No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
According to WVN, though he later apologized, BOS Chair "Correia called Donna Bouchard on Saturday, two days after she spoke at Town Meeting, and demanded that she resign from (Town Meeting Procedures Subcommittee), Bouchard said, for "conduct unbecoming a member of the committee."
This is an interesting choice of words from Corriea, as he was caught on tape last summer when he and 3 other board members appear to be breaking the Open Meeting Law in a pre-meeting, as they huddled together and whispered to each other about which candidates they should appoint to town positions. Click here for WayCam clip.
However, here is a video of Mr. Correia at Ask The Candidates on March 29, explaining that the Selectmen have never once broken the Open Meeting Law.

And yet here is a Town Crier article 3 months earlier by Mike Wyner saying they have.

Older Documents:
BOS Policies ~ BOS OML Violation Caught on Tape

More to come....