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Latest News:

7.23.17 ~ Cass Wins Lawsuit

5.25.17 ~ Boston Globe - Cass Lawsuit


7.6.16 ~ Judge slams Wayland officials for skirting Open Meeting Law

5.4.16 ~ SC Supports Admin

4.11.16 ~ ATM Tonight 7:30pm beginning with Article 22
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3.17.16 ~ Cass case DISMISSED by District Court ~ MWDN Article

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Wastewater Archive

Wayland Voters Network reported in Newsletter #395 The selectmen were, without informing the public, planning to explore the possibility of a pipe across the Sudbury River to serve the interest of the Town Center project and its developer. Selectmen denied the planning activities until the WVN story appeared, then acknowledged it during the Ask the Candidates WayCAM broadcast of March 29.

A letter from the Department of Environmental Protection, dated November 9, 2010 is self-explanatory, establishing that planning was occurring at a time when the selectmen were denying it. A second document, including editing markings, is the draft of a document being edited over the course of months by lawyers for both sides behind the scenes and without the knowledge of the WWMDC.

Click here for a timeline of events concerning Twenty Wayland’s sewer connection permit application.

Below are links to background documents for the upcoming DEP May 19 public hearing for Twenty Wayland's draft sewer connection permit. First the legal notice and then public documents, in chronological order. Most are not available on the town website.

Official legal notice for May 19 DEP hearing, 5-7 p.m.

DEP 2009 letter to 20Wayland, sewer permit required

Emails, septage leachfield use, before May 2010 ATM

20Wayland's first application (wrong paperwork)

WWMDC signature page

DEP letter to Fred Turkington, septage leachfield use

20Wayland's cover pages on second DEP application

DEP draft sewer connection permit for 20Wayland

Public comment letter (missing from town website)

Public comment letter

All the above are public documents from DEP or Wastewater Commission